$100.00 for 1 hour lessons taught from my home studio.

Should you need to schedule a session elsewhere in Manhattan, each
student is also responsible for scheduling the studio and the price of room rental.
There is a 24 hr. cancellation policy where your lesson payment is then non refundable.


My Philosophy:
I subscribe to a methodology where the balance of resonance and breath energy
are the primary means of achieving projection (power), clarity (beauty), fluidity
(freedom), and sustainability (endurance). I utilize practical physical tasks to
train vocal coordination in addition to imagery and conceptual ideas that can
exalt an artist. 
Each singer and voice is individual and should be treated as such. No one wants to
be a mere carbon copy of somebody else.  The most moving performances
stem from an authentic individual communicating with clarity, immediacy and
direct intention. 
I feel my expertise as a working actor and instructor allows me a unique perspective
 that allows me to relate to students wanting to break into this industry.  My
connection to the community gives me a valuable perspective into what
makes an actor successful in this business today that other teachers might be
disconnected from.

People move at different speeds. Consequently, a supportive and encouraging
environment is a vital part of the learning process, regardless of age or
proficiency.  After all, masterful skills come from practice and determination, with
a knowledgeable and motivating coach to guide the way. Let me help guide you
in a safe, compassionate environment toward your true voice.
Welcome To New York 

A package for the singing actor new to pounding the pavement of Broadway.

In a customized one-on-one 2 hr session I offer an initial voice lesson/coaching, review of audition technique and materials (headshot and audition book).

Then, we can council on all things “New York”; questions ranging from housing, day jobs, networking, continuing education,career management, or any other inquiry you might have in hopes of making the Big Apple feel a little less “big” and your dreams feel all that much more attainable.


If you are a high school or college interested in a Master Class, Q&A, or Skypelecture for larger groups, feel free to contact me for customized information and rates.




Vocal health, performance & success

Private Vocal Instruction
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